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Everyone can learn how to handle telephone calls smoothly and professionally with this telephone customer service DVD.

Ross Shafer, winner of six Emmy Awards, takes a break from Hollywood to put a fun face on the skills that matter when answering a business call.

Ross takes Mike, a warehouse worker, and puts him on the company telephones during what should be a quiet lunch hour. But before Mike can get the hang of it, he stumbles through a series of funny—and all too realistic—mistakes, proving that great telephone customer service takes real skill. Once he understands it's harder than it seems, Mike gets down to business.

In this humorous telephone customer service DVD, we learn:

  • 13 crucial do's and don'ts for basic telephone courtesy.
  • 5 essential elements for taking phone orders and generating extra sales.
  • A surefire 3-step formula for handling angry callers.

Good customer service is a combination of skill and attitude, both of which are even more important over the phone. Professionalism and knowledge help make every call smooth and simple for the customer.


It's Your Call:


23 Minutes



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"I showed this at a staff meeting and it generated some great discussion. Out of our 11 department members, two of us work specifically in customer service. The other department members appreciated the video's tips and tricks for handling a variety of calls."Mary Lasse

Senior Customer Care Rep
Christianity Today, International
Carol Stream, IL

"Good video - reasonable price. Effective and informative and still was entertaining at the same time."Jonathan Wincek, PHR

HR Director
Little Sisters of the Poor
Chicago, IL