Influence & Negotiation

Influence in business is not just for leaders – call it persuading, negotiating, or convincing – ethical influence is the foundation of all powerful business relationships. Develop behaviors that are sure to enhance your position of power and influence.

The Power of Persuasion

Increase your power and influence with simple, guaranteed methods you'll start using right away. In this dynamic presentation, Robert Cialdini provides fascinating insights on how to be successful in your attempts to persuade all manner of other people. This program is a "must" for managers, marketers, and manipulators of all kinds.

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Acting with Power

Combining research on the psychology of power with the acting skills of the theater, Professor Gruenfeld illustrates how our nonverbal behavior affects how we are perceived in a hierarchy — far more than the words or arguments we use.

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Building a Winning Team

Jon Gordon's strategies for successfully uniting teams build on the premise that communication is key.

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Infinite Reality

Virtual reality is here — what does that mean for your business? Early adopters such as Merrill Lynch, Toyota, LinkedIn and Konica Minolta are already seeing dramatic results in learning simulations, training, and marketing effectiveness. Professor Bailenson draws on his years of psychology experiments in Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab to demonstrate, in dramatic video footage, the power of virtual reality.

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Getting (More of) What You Want: Negotiating Deals Big and Small

A negotiation is not a battle. That’s how Professors Neale and Lys begin this presentation, explaining that a negotiation is the opposite of a battle.

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