Human Resources Training

Kantola’s wide range of human resources videos guide you through your important job functions. Use our best-selling HR training to help train your managers, find the right employees, maintain a diverse and harassment-free workplace, and avoid potential legal problems.

Onboarding (New Employees) Collection (7 Courses)

Bring new hires up to speed quickly with these essential topics. Use this specially priced set as a guide to help ensure that your workplace maintains a respectful atmosphere, while keeping yourself protected against any potential legal problems.

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Employment Laws: What Supervisors Need to Know

Supervisors are your front line in preventing legal violations that could bring hefty penalties if employees are not managed properly. Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers need a clear understanding of potential legal issues that impact the workplace.

(19 Minutes)

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Federal Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know

Wage & Hour law is complicated. Most supervisors know some of what they need to know, but few really know as much as they should. This program will make your supervisors a better, more legally-compliant manager.

(32 Minutes)

Also Available:
  California Version (45 min)

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California Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know

California’s wage & hour requirements are typically stricter than Federal rules; they also are more complicated, since they address a number of issues not covered by Federal law.

(45 Minutes)

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Bullying and Respect in the Workplace

Bullies often act just under the radar, denying their hostile intent or shrugging off their behaviors as humorous or insignificant. Yet, the constant tension they create not only damages the individual targets of their behavior but also the workgroup as a whole.

(18 Minutes)

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Workplace Ethics: Code of Conduct Training for Employees

Ethics matter — not just big scandals, but the small everyday decisions that add up, too. This award-winning workplace ethics training video follows four realistic scenarios that raise awareness, provide a framework for ethical decision making, and will help create a company that employees can be proud of.

(16 Minutes)

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The Drug-Free Workplace: Setting the Standard

Even if drug-free training is not legally mandated in your business or industry, everyone benefits from raising employee awareness on the impact that drugs or alcohol can have on your workplace.

(14 Minutes)

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Social Media at Work

Social media is everywhere — including our workplaces. While it can serve useful business purposes, it can also open the door to hackers, circulate rumors and abusive comments, create public relations nightmares, and be a real drag on productivity.

(14 Minutes)

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Conflicts in the Workplace

While acknowledging common sources of conflict, this entertaining video provides eight specific and reliable skills that help you put aside your differences, control your emotions, and move forward.

(17 Minutes)

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The Power of Positive Discipline

This award-winning employee discipline program gives managers six steps of positive, progressive discipline which begin with coaching and escalate to stronger measures only as needed to solve the problem.

(21 Minutes)

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Cyber Security: Self-Defense in the Digital Age

Narrated by Jesse Goldhammer of the UC Berkeley School of Information and Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, this course provides best practices you can implement today to help you and your company stay safer online.

(35 Minutes)

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Kantola Poster Set

Well-designed posters are an effective tool to reinforce core values in your workplace. That’s why we created a selection of anti-harassment and pro-diversity posters, ideal for lobbies or lunchrooms, and other public gathering spaces.

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