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What do the best managers have in common? The ability to communicate.

Everyone can learn to communicate better. The supervisor who knows how to communicate effectively in person, over the phone, and in writing has a powerful advantage—a built-in way to motivate others and get results. This communication skills DVD gives powerful tips that will help managers say it right every time.

Narrated by television star Mason Adams (Lou Grant, Family Matters), this training video teaches that self-restraint is crucial in business communication. Viewers are reminded that saying the first thing that comes into their heads is bound to cause problems. There is a better approach—first to ask themselves what they want to accomplish, then decide the best way to accomplish it.

Dramatic vignettes are shown throughout this communication skills DVD. Supervisors respond "off-the-cuff" with bad results, and then the scenes are reenacted, with each supervisor successfully slowing down to think before speaking, choosing words that gain cooperation and positive results.

You'll learn to tailor each message for its intended audience. For example, senior management may need details; your staff may need simple, directive words; and communicating with clients may require even more preparation and diplomacy. You'll also learn the power of speaking in the active tense, and how to apply these communication rules to your writing as well.

In these times of instant messages and limitless information, the ability to communicate well is becoming more and more important in the business world. With practice, choosing the right words for every situation can become second nature, once you know "how to say it."

Guarantee: Viewers will learn skills that earn them respect, and make them more effective communicators.

How to Say It


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