How Supervisors Should Appraise Employee Performance


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Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

Be comfortable and effective when handling the difficult appraisal process.

It takes both skill and preparation to give effective employee appraisals. In this performance review video, you'll see all-too-common scenarios showing the right way—and the wrong way—to conduct appraisals. You'll see a review that quickly becomes confrontational; a manager who hasn't done her homework; and a supervisor who fails to provide critical feedback during a review.

You'll learn six rules that create better review meetings:

  1. Update performance records regularly.
  2. Apply objective standards.
  3. Prepare in advance for the interview.
  4. Manage the interview.
  5. Set realistic goals.
  6. Follow up.

This performance review video shows that commonsense rules, consistently applied, are the keys to an effective review process.


How Supervisors Should Appraise Employee Performance


23 Minutes




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"Done well. Had good points to address during review and good ways to go about the review process."Glenn G. Douglas

HR Director
Becket & Lee
Malvern, PA

"Excellent basic video."Debra McCormick

Human Resource Mgr
DAA Northwest
Spokane WA