Health & Safety Training

A healthy and safe workforce is bound to be a more productive one. Jobs are littered with potential hazards and it’s every employee's responsibility to ensure that proper safety measures are followed at all times.

COVID-19 Resources

As your workforces adapt to the reality of work-from-anywhere, help your supervisors and employees navigate challenges that can arise in remote work settings now and into the future by sharing these all-new free micro-learning video modules and guides. Our high-quality video scenarios are designed to engage learners and effect change.

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HazMat: What You Need to Know

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires that employees who work with potentially hazardous chemicals receive information about how to use these substances safely. Show your workers how to access critical information that will keep themselves and their coworkers safe on the job.

(15 Minutes)

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Bloodborne Pathogens

While not transmitted through casual contact, bloodborne pathogens present a risk in just about any workplace. That’s why it’s important to train all employees, not only those in positions where exposure hazards are a routine part of their jobs.

(17 Minutes)

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Proper Lifting Techniques

You can’t rely on instinct when it comes to lifting properly. If you don’t stop and think before you grab that heavy crate or unwieldy piece of plywood, you can get seriously hurt.

(15 Minutes)

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Fire Safety & Evacuation

Fire safety is the collective responsibility of every employee. Unsafe behavior by just one individual can put everyone in the building at risk. Use this video to raise awareness and teach essential fire safety skills.

(16 Minutes)

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Slips, Trips, & Falls

Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of disabling accidents in the workplace. Yet the vast majority of these injuries can be prevented with a commitment to certain basic but very important principles.

(21 Minutes)

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Forklift Operation & Safety

It's essential that forklift drivers focus on safety first. This video emphasizes an awareness of forklift driving hazards and promotes best-practices that will help keep your workplace accident-free.

(18 Minutes)

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Office Ergonomics: Creating a Comfortable Workstation

This illustrated, step-by-step video guide helps you set up your computer work environment to maximize comfort and productivity while avoiding long-term injury caused by repetitive stress and strain.

(10 Minutes)

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Resisting the Flu

Educate your staff on how to prevent transmission of the seasonal flu, care for themselves and others, and recognize danger signs that require urgent medical attention. Narrated by Eric A. Weiss, MD, of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

(13 Minutes)

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