Building the Market-Focused Culture

Featuring Hayagreeva Rao


Program Highlights

  • How a market focus releases you from unprofitable customers while attracting and retaining valuable ones.
  • The necessity of an employee brand that is closely aligned with your customer brand.
  • Why your competitors will try to imitate your market focus...but can't.

Organizations totally driven by the market consistently outperform their competition in profitability. These organizations carefully segment their markets and deliver an outstanding value proposition to their target customers. However, truly market-focused organizations must also pursue more than a sound market strategy. They must align their culture with the target customer value proposition. Professor Rao details the six levers of culture building, and explains how aligning these factors reduces employee stress and turnover, creating a self-selected, productive workforce that is in touch with the demands of potential customers.

Professor Rao has conducted workshops for British Petroleum, McDonald's, Aon, Bristol-Meyers, General Electric, Microsoft, the FBI, and the intelligence community. He holds a PhD from Case Western Reserve University and has taught at Emory, University of Michigan, and Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

Building the Market-Focused Culture

Hayagreeva Rao

Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business


36 Minutes

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