Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond eLearning — Employees


Length:    45 Minutes
Formats:    Online Training on Kantola’s LMS

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  Instant Streaming
Captions / Languages:    Closed Captioned

System Requirements:
  Adobe Flash

Covering sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, our award-winning online eLearning course is an easy-to-manage, comprehensive tool for meeting harassment training requirements.

  • Video-based, interactive and employee-friendly
  • Flexibly priced for any size organization
  • Simplified notifications and tracking, SCORM compliant
  • California AB 1825 compliant version also available

Using our award-winning Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond program as a starting point, this interactive course includes new video scenes and greatly expanded content. It demonstrates clearly to employees that preventing workplace harassment leads to a more productive, pleasant work environment for everyone. 

Topics Covered Include:
  • Bullying
  • Social Media
  • Race, Religion & Ethnicity
  • Diversity
  • Compliments
  • Hostile Work Environment Harassment
  • Quid-Pro-Quo
  • And much more!

eLearning offers 24/7 Internet access for easy scheduling across all your locations, and quick tools for assigning, tracking, and confirming each employee’s training. Automated email reminders help keep your trainees on schedule.

Realistic Stories and Diverse Workplace Settings

Storytelling is the best way to capture the attention of trainees and leave a lasting impression. The stories in this course portray quid-pro-quo sexual harassment and situations where harassment based on gender, religion, race or national origin crosses the line into a hostile work environment.

Interactive eLearning

Hands-on activities cover different types of harassment, how to recognize it, and the responsibility of all employees to speak up—and managers to take action—in order to stop harassment. Useful tools include our “Ask an Expert” feature, allowing trainees to submit online questions to your designated in-house resource. Trainees can also download study guides, checklists and a company policy on harassment.

Three Versions 

This 45-minute minute Employee Version explains welcome vs. unwelcome behavior and encourages employees to show respect for each other’s differences and behave courteously on the job. 

The 60-minute Manager Version provides guidelines to managers and supervisors for setting standards, responding to complaints, and preventing retaliation. 

The 2-hour California Manager Version helps organizations meet or exceed the requirements of California's three major statues that address harassment prevention training:

  • AB 1825, regarding sexual harassment, signed in 2004
  • AB 2053, regarding abusive conduct, signed in 2014
  • SB 396, regarding gender and sexual orientation, signed in 2017

Harassment: Sex, Religion and Beyond eLearning — Employees


45 Minutes

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"I have been hearing very positive feedback regarding the training course for both managers and employees. Everyone really seems to enjoy the content. I’m glad that we continuously selected Kantola Productions for our training courses and needs."Bryan Williams

Human Resources Manager
Destination DC
Washington, D.C.
A Kantola customer since 2011

"Best, most detailed and comprehensive training I have seen, for managers and employees alike. Perfectly timed, it MAKES you listen. Love it. The online "help function" is very easy to use, the help videos are clear and allow me to feel confident using the online system."Imma Trillo

HR Director
Firewood Marketing
San Francisco, CA