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Harassment Prevention Training for Your Industry

Familiar situations and realistic sets make training relatable

We know that harassment prevention training can only be impactful if it’s engaging and relatable.

That is why all our courses are based on realistic scenarios and real-life stories.

Our award-winning harassment prevention training helps you stay compliant and create a better work environment for all employees.

  • Relatable scenarios and candid interviews reflect today’s social climate
  • Familiar situations and industry scenes make training especially effective
  • Strong focus on early intervention—covering topics beyond sexual harassment, such as protected characteristics, bias, discrimination, bullying, workplace relationships, and more
  • 100% compliant course family that exceeds all federal and state requirements – employee and manager courses available for multiple US states, Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Customizable with your logo, your policy, custom text, and more
  • Flexible delivery through your LMS or ours


As office environments continue to change in the wake of the pandemic, employees need to adapt to a new way of working. Feeling disconnected from peers and burdened by new stressors can minimize their ability to empathize with and understand others, increasing the risk for harassment in the workplace.

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This training:

  • Addresses harassment issues specific to employees working in remote, hybrid, or in-person environments
  • Features a variety of scenes and situations allowing employees to connect more deeply with the content
  • Offers practical guidance on how to build a harassment-free, safe work environment for all

Popular among:

  • Technology companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Finance and insurance service providers
  • Governmental institutions
  • Non-profit organizations and other businesses that mainly work in offices


Workers in the healthcare industry are particularly prone to burnout, depersonalization, cynicism and feelings of diminished accomplishment at work. This kind of high stakes environment often causes extreme stress, which increases the possibility of harassment in the workplace.

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This training:

  • Helps to prevent harassment in healthcare settings, applicable for employees working with patients directly or providing support for the operations of their organization
  • Takes learners through familiar scenes and situations, enabling them to take in new concepts and understand different perspectives
  • Gives practical advice on how to build a harassment-free, safe work environment for all healthcare workers

Popular among:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctor's offices
  • Laboratories
  • Specialist care facilities


Hospitality workers often work in close contact with other employees and customers, working irregular hours, with intervals of intense activities that are interspersed with slow periods. Tipped workers may put up with unwanted attention to be seen favorably by the customers. In these situations, boundaries between work and social activities can become blurred, creating an environment where workplace harassment may go unchecked.

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This training:

  • Addresses harassment issues relevant to employees working in the hospitality industry—whether their work is customer-facing, operational, or supporting corporate functions
  • Engages learners with relatable scenes that make it easier to understand and implement tools and strategies to recognize, prevent and address harassment
  • Enables employees to understand the role they can play in creating a safe and inclusive culture that benefits everyone

Popular among:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Recreational facilities
  • Retailers

Industrial and Manufacturing

Workforce shortages pose serious risks to industrial and manufacturing businesses. Research shows that among women working in these industries, 83% said they have been subjected to unwanted touching, kissing, or other physical advances. Constant harassment can lead to depression, anxiety and other health problems, giving employees a reason to leave their jobs.

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This training:

  • Addresses harassment issues related to the industrial and manufacturing settings—whether on the shop floor, a warehouse, worksite or company offices
  • Features relatable scenarios through which employees discover how they can contribute to building a healthy work environment that will attract and retain employees
  • Provides tools and strategies on how to build a harassment-free, safe work environment for all

Popular among:

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Transportation companies
  • Logistics and warehousing service providers
  • Real estate and construction businesses
  • Food and beverage companies

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