Happiness Advantage Complete Package


Length:    20 / 27 / 38 Minute Versions
Formats:    DVD + Materials
Captions / Languages:    Closed Captioned

Happiness is not a luxury—it’s a mission-critical work ethic.

Optimistic employees are 31% more productive, take fewer sick days, achieve higher sales and make more money. They perform more accurately on tasks and think smarter. Yet, it’s not this success that makes them happy. In fact, it’s the other way around: happiness comes first, leading to greater success—for themselves, their workgroups and their organizations.

Based on a decade of academic work at Harvard University, Narrator Shawn Achor illustrates practical steps each of us can take to imprint our brains with positive patterns, break old habits, change our attitudes, and become persistently happier—in just 21 days! He shows how to make this contagious so happiness and success spread as you train everyone in your company to renounce pessimism and adopt a new outlook on life… and work!

Shawn Achor The Happiness Advantage


Basic Package $795

Includes DVD, free workbook and unlimited CD

  • DVD [CC] contains 3 video lengths for training flexibility
    (20 minutes, 27 minutes, 38 minutes)
  • 80-page workbook contains leader's guide, transcript, exercises and more.
  • CD allows printing multiple workbook copies as needed for training.

Complete Package $995

Includes Basic Package PLUS
  • The Happiness Advantage Hardcover Book
  • Five Happiness Advantage Implementation Modules (bonus DVD):
    • The Zorro Circle - 7 minutes
    • Social Investment - 6 minutes
    • Falling Up - 7 minutes
    • Leading Positive Change - 10 minutes
    • Mindset Matters - 7 minutes

Watch full-length previews:

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Preview Happiness Advantage:

38-minute version | 27-minute version | 20-minute version

Preview Implementation Modules:

The Zorro Circle | Falling Up | Leading Positive Change
pdf-icon The Happiness Advantage Workbook Sample

Happiness Advantage Complete Package





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