HIPAA for Managers: Meeting Your Responsibilities Under the Law - Spanish


This detailed review of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides administrators, supervisors, and managers with the tools they need for developing and reviewing their HIPAA privacy and security programs.  This course also explains and illustrates the basic legal requirements for implementation, with examples and scenarios in a variety of settings.

HIPAA for Managers includes the video course, online or on DVD, as well as training slide sets, evaluation forms, sample policies, checklists, response forms, sign-in sheets, certificates of completion and more.

Who it is for:
Any manager or supervisor, whether they manage a small medical practice or work for a large medical center or health plan.
What you will learn:
  • How to create policies and procedures, and the role of the Privacy Officer.
  • Definition of HIPAA-related terms, such as business associate agreements, the minimum necessary rule, and the six categories of “must” and “may” disclosures.
  • How to conduct a security assessment and analysis.
  • Explanation of patient rights.
  • How to identify a reportable breach and requirements for reporting.
  • The three exceptions to a reportable breach.

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HIPAA for Managers: Meeting Your Responsibilities Under the Law - Spanish


24 Minutes




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