HIPAA -- We're a Healthcare Facility. Do I Have to Train Everyone?

A Kantola Learning Minute

A hospital employee asks how many of their employees need to be trained about their HIPAA policies and procedures. Find out in this week's Kantola Learning Minute with workplace trainer Linda Garrett, JD.

Hi, my name's Linda Garrett. We had a question from one of our hospitals asking us how many people need to be trained about their HIPAA policies and procedures. The HR department knows that the doctors and nurses need HIPAA training, but they are wondering if they have to train everyone else, too.

The answer is simple. The answer is: Yes. Train everyone. Train employees, train volunteers, train students, train anybody who comes into your workforce and might be handling or accessing or using or seeing protected health information.

Some of our biggest breaches have been caused by security not locking doors properly, IT people not knowing the information they're accessing to set up an electronic processing system is confidential, or housekeeping staff accidently taking the shredding box and putting it into the dumpster out back.

So, the simple answer is, yes. You do have to train at orientation at the beginning of employment. You have to train regularly thereafter, and train everyone.

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