HIPAA — The Complete Trainer’s Kit (3 Courses)


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HIPAA — The Complete Trainer’s Kit
  HIPAA Essentials (14 min)
    HIPAA for Managers (24 min)
    HIPAA Breaches (16 min)
The Complete Trainer’s Kit Package
Each of the 3 Trainer's Kits in this package includes the video course, online or on DVD, along with training slide sets, supporting documents, sample policies, authorization and request forms, sign-in sheets, certificates of completion and more.

HIPAA Essentials - What Everyone Needs to Know
This overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) introduces viewers to the who, what, and why of HIPAA. It addresses the specific definitions and rules that govern how health information is protected, and when it may be used, accessed, or disclosed.
Who it is for:
Anyone new to health care, or anyone who needs to refresh their understanding of HIPAA.
What you will learn:
  • The HIPAA pre-emption, privacy, and minimum necessary rules, with clear examples that help explain their application.
  • The two categories of required disclosures (“musts”) and the four categories of permissive disclosures (“mays”) – how to legally and safely handle health information in order to do your job and respond to requests for that information by outsiders.
  • Patients’ rights under HIPAA, including the right to a Notice of Privacy Practices, confidential communications, access to records, accounting of disclosures, and the right to make corrections to their own records. 
  • The need for security in the age of electronic health records, and HIPAA-required safeguards that protect health information in all its forms from inappropriate and even criminal attempts to access it.

HIPAA for Managers: Meeting Your Responsibilities Under the Law

This detailed review of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides administrators, supervisors, and managers with the tools they need for developing and reviewing their HIPAA privacy and security programs.  This course also explains and illustrates the basic legal requirements for implementation, with examples and scenarios in a variety of settings.
Who it is for:
Any manager or supervisor, whether they manage a small medical practice or work for a large medical center or health plan.
What you will learn:
  • How to create policies and procedures, and the role of the Privacy Officer.
  • Definition of HIPAA-related terms, such as business associate agreements, the minimum necessary rule, and the six categories of “must” and “may” disclosures.
  • How to conduct a security assessment and analysis.
  • Explanation of patient rights.
  • How to identify a reportable breach and requirements for reporting.
  • The three exceptions to a reportable breach.


Responding to HIPAA Breaches: A Step-by-Step Guide
This in-depth course on the HIPAA/HITECH Act breach regulations provides detailed information for developing a breach response plan. It includes scenarios that illustrate how breaches typically occur, ranging from staff carelessness or lack of knowledge to deliberate criminal acts that specifically target health care facilities and plans.
Who it is for:
Administrative, supervisory, and management staff with responsibilities to maintain awareness of breach reporting requirements, and respond or investigate when a potential breach occurs.
What you will learn:
  • The HIPAA definition of a “Breach” and guidance on determining whether Protected Health Information (PHI) has in fact been compromised.
  • How to investigate, document and respond whenever PHI may have been used, accessed, or disclosed in violation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
  • Mitigation, sanctions, notification, and reporting requirements.
  • Three exceptions to a reportable breach.
  • How breaches can hurt your patients, your reputation, and your bottom line. 

HIPAA — The Complete Trainer’s Kit (3 Courses)


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"Our team of supervisors watched the video prior to our delivering this to our team and love it! The connection worked great, the video was short, modern and provided basics of HIPAA as needed. The training slides are perfect as well."Tanya Fagetan, SHRM-CP

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