HIPAA Essentials - What Everyone Needs to Know - Spanish DVD


This comprehensive overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) introduces viewers to the who, what, and why of HIPAA. It addresses the specific definitions and rules that govern how health information is protected, and when it may be used, accessed, or disclosed.

HIPAA Essentials includes the video course, online or on DVD, along with training slide sets, supporting documents, sample policies, authorization and request forms, sign-in sheets, certificates of completion and more.
Who it is for:
Anyone new to health care, or anyone who needs to refresh their understanding of HIPAA.
What you will learn:
  • The HIPAA pre-emption, privacy, and minimum necessary rules, with clear examples that help explain their application.
  • The two categories of required disclosures (“musts”) and the four categories of permissive disclosures (“mays”) – how to legally and safely handle health information in order to do your job and respond to requests for that information by outsiders.
  • Patients’ rights under HIPAA, including the right to a Notice of Privacy Practices, confidential communications, access to records, accounting of disclosures, and the right to make corrections to their own records. 
  • The need for security in the age of electronic health records, and HIPAA-required safeguards that protect health information in all its forms from inappropriate and even criminal attempts to access it.

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HIPAA Essentials - What Everyone Needs to Know - Spanish DVD





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