Getting Things Done Through People


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Help your supervisors learn to let go of tasks they should be delegating.

"If I want the job done right, I have to do it myself!" We've all heard this line. But trying to do everything yourself usually ends up holding you back, and keeps subordinates from growing in their jobs, too. This delegation video offers a series of scenes in which two department heads help a third to understand the benefits of empowering delegation.

We learn:

  • WHO to delegate to—listen for comments from staff members about the aspects of their jobs they particularly like.
  • WHAT to delegate—not just the junk!
  • WHERE delegation is appropriate—almost everywhere. Look for reasons to delegate rather than reasons not to delegate.
  • WHEN to delegate—know your staff's workloads, so that delegation can take place when staff members are receptive.
  • WHY it is important to delegate—it frees you to take on new jobs, and teaches subordinates new skills.
  • HOW to maintain control of an assignment—remember that your objective is employee empowerment. Strive to allow employees to shape the solution to an assignment.

If you're totally swamped with work—or know other managers who need encouragement to delegate—this video gives you practical advice on how to leverage the increased productivity that comes with delegation, while at the same time improving morale.

Guarantee: Supervisors will learn the specific steps they must take to move beyond delegation to empowerment.

Getting Things Done Through People


21 Minutes



"I liked the video very much. It presents very good tips on how to effectively delegate without employees feeling "dumped on." Shows how empowering people while you delegate to them helps them grow. Also well acted and produced."Mike May

Dir. of Training and Development
Metropolitan Utilities District
Omaha, NE

"First Class."Ed Grande

Manager of Training and Safety
New Concepts for Living, Inc.
Rochelle Park, NJ