Case Study: Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

Hogansburg, New York

A Kantola customer since 2002

New hires orientation

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino has a very active training program. According to HR Director Emily Lauzon, monthly orientation meetings are held to train any new hires for that month on the subject of sexual harassment. A trainer begins by showing the Kantola video, "Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach." The trainer then leads class discussions based on handouts derived from training materials created by Kantola Productions.

Customized orientation

In addition to sexual harassment training, departments may send a director or manager to participate in department-specific orientation, depending on the types of employees being hired. For example, departments with a lot of customer contact will show a customer service video, such as "Dealing with the Irate Customer," to its new hires. Monthly orientation classes can serve from 10 to 35 employees, depending on hiring activity.

First-time supervisors

Training for first-time supervisors is also held monthly, with a focus on employee management and discipline. The trainer shows the Kantola video, "The Power of Positive Discipline" and adds to the discussion relevant content from the organization's own internal policies. The training focuses on practical knowledge, making sure there is a clear understanding of the procedures that need to be followed. The goal is to help new supervisors know what to do when discipline issues inevitably arise.

Interdepartmental video library

Also in the works is the development of a video training library that can be used by all departments when specialized training needs arise. To date, various team building videos have been used for supplemental training sessions.