Case Study: Overland West, Inc.

Ogden, Utah

A Kantola customer since 2008

The largest Hertz licensee in North America, Overland West has twenty-two rental locations in seven western states along with five locations for sales of late-model used cars.

Effective manager training

Claudia Allred, Human Resources Manager, knows the managers in her organization “are very busy and really stretched thin” at times, but she feels that video is an effective training tool so she maintains a video lending library available year-round to managers at all locations. During twice-annual management meetings, Claudia often chooses to feature one of these training videos in her presentation. She either shows the entire video if time allows, or she provides a brief overview of the video content and encourages managers to check out the video on their own time. Popular topics for managers include employee discipline, communication, and leading effective business meetings.

Sexual harassment training

In addition to training geared specifically for managers, all employees are required to watch Kantola’s “Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach.” Claudia believes that harassment training is imperative and likes this particular video because “it really conveys a message, especially to entry-level employees, that is very important.”

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