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Questions About Ordering:

Q: Can I preview your videos before buying?
A: Of course! You can sign up for a free, full-length preview of any of our courses by clicking on the orange Full-Length Preview button at the top of any page on our website.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
A: We ship within the United States with UPS, and shipping starts at $9 for the first DVD, and $2 for each additional. Shipping costs for guides can vary based on weight. 2-day is available for an additional $11, and Next Day for an additional $30. International shipping is with DHL, starts at $27, and varies based on destination.

Q: When can I start training?
A: Online Training and Instant Streaming accounts can be ready within one business day or less. DVD orders placed before 2:30 PM Pacific time will ship the same day, and orders received after 2:30 PM will be shipped on our next business day. In the very unusual event that an item is out of stock, we’ll contact you.

Q: My company won’t let me order directly with a credit card. Will you ship under a PO?
A: Yes. Simply leave the credit card field blank, and make sure to add a Purchase Order Number in the Payment Information section before checking out.

Q: Do you offer additional training materials to accompany the video courses?
A: Many of our courses have Study Guides and Trainer's Manuals available. Access to digital copies are included free with Online Training and Instant Streaming, and printed copies can be purchased from $60 for a pack of 10 Study Guides, and $15 for Trainer's Manuals. See a complete list of available materials here.

Q: Do you have my courses in other languages?
A: Almost all of our courses are available in Spanish, as well as many other languages. Ask us about translations to meet the needs of your organization.

Q: Are your courses available with captions [cc]?
A: All of our online video and interactive eLearning courses include captions, as do most of our DVDs.

Questions About Online Training:

Q: Why would an organization decide to use Online Training?
A:The flexibility of online training saves time, reduces costs, and makes a trainer's workload a lot lighter! Rather than trying to coordinate training sessions across an entire organization, online training lets learners take the training from their desks or mobile devices, and notifies trainers when learning is complete. (Kantola's automated reminder system also helps keep learners on track, and gets training done on time.)

Q: My organization doesn't have an LMS. Are they expensive?
A: The cost of third-party LMS's can vary, but the good news is that you can use ours for free. A customized, easy-to-use LMS, tailored for your organization's needs, is included with the cost of the training. Learn more here.

Q: We’ve invested in an LMS at our company. Do we have to use Kantola's LMS?
A: Many of our customers use their own LMS’s. When you license our content we’ll provide you with a SCORM, AICC or Tin Can file that you can import and run in your LMS. Learn more here.

Q: What’s included with Kantola's Online Training?
A: Whether you use our platform or a third-party LMS, our online video courses include access to the training video followed by a 10-question quiz, and Interactive eLearning offers even more. On our platform we provide great additional training features including certificates of completion, reminder emails, and much more, including concierge-level support on-call.

Q: What's the difference between Online Video and Interactive eLearning courses?
A: Online Video courses consist of a training video, generally about 20 minutes long, followed by a 10-question quiz that review the content of the video. All of our courses are available as Online Video.

Interactive eLearning courses use our harassment training video courses as a starting point to create a more in-depth and engaging learning experience, and include interactive exercises, case law history, state-specific information, and much more. Interactive eLearning courses range from 35 minutes to 2 hours in order to help fulfill training requirements for Calfironia, Connecticut, Maine, and New York.

Q: What if I just want to show a course to a group of learners and don't need all the tracking features? (And I don't want a DVD.)
A: Instant Streaming. Think of it as Netflix for trainers: an online portal where you have access to any number of our training courses, available to play on demand any time, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Q: What's the difference between Instant Streaming and Online Training?
A: Instant Streaming is access for one person, and is designed to be used by a trainer to show others. Trainers are responsible for tracking attendance and completion. Online Training is access for any number of learners, and the system automatically records tracking and completion of each learner's course assignments. Compare all formats here.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Pricing for Instant Streaming starts at $119 for individual courses, and $1,499 for access to our Complete Video LibraryOnline Training with access for 25 users starts as low as $249 for individual courses, and $1,799 for the Complete Video Library. Interactive eLearning is priced per-user starting at $19, with a one-time $119 setup fee per course. DVDs start from $169.

Q: How long will we have access?
A: Standard Online Training and Instant Streaming access is for one year. Ask us about multi-year licenses.


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