Case Study: Yogurtland

Anaheim, California

A Kantola customer since 2011

Founder Phillip Chang opened Yogurtland’s first store in Anaheim, California, in 2006, where guests could self-serve from 16 flavors of yogurt and combine them with over 30 toppings. Now on track to open 550 stores worldwide by 2015, Yogurtland has become a sweet story of success!

Scaling up

As Yogurtland continues its rapid expansion, John Vlietstra is in charge of ensuring not only that all new Associates are trained in standards for behavior, but also that as Associates move up the ranks, they’re properly trained for their new roles and responsibilities. “I needed something that could be asynchronous, that they could get to at anytime from anywhere,” says John. "I came in as a consultant, looking for problems, and this was one of the first ones I saw.” Training was “pretty spotty,” John admits. “They’d have a labor attorney come in and do some classes. We have mostly college students, and you have to keep it real to keep them engaged.”

Doing things differently

John decided to make Kantola’s Sexual Harassment E-Learning course a built-in part of the new hire process. “We give our Associates two and a half hours of pay to take the two-hour course, and they like that, obviously,” he says with a chuckle. “The quiz is spot-on, not too onerous, and the whole thing is easy to administer. And if employees have trouble printing their certificate, it’s easy for us to do that for them here at the office. It's seamless." Now full-time as Director of People and Organizational Development, John is going to keep Yogurtland’s growing workforce trained as they expand. “We’re growing fast!” he exclaims.

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