Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets


Program Highlights

  • Segmenting customers by behaviors, rather than by beliefs or attitudes.
  • Customer profiles that explain the behavior you are targeting.
  • How to create a map that your sales force can use for closing deals in new markets.

Managers are under constant pressure to grow, but it is often difficult to find new avenues of growth within an existing line of business. Fortunately, growth is available in almost every market if companies look for it in the right way.

In order to win in the marketplace, it is essential to understand which customer behaviors make money (and lose money) for your organization. Next, it is important to segment customer groups in a way that allows you to explain those behaviors and find the actual customers in the real world. Then you can identify the drivers and barriers to influencing the particular behavior you want to motivate. By doing so, your marketing efforts can be focused on the critical specifics, early in the process. Dr. Hollingshead provides insights on these principles, and offers specific tools for seeing existing markets differently and uncovering hidden opportunities for growth.

Jim Hollingshead heads the Monitor Group's strategic marketing arm. He led Monitor's offices in London and Istanbul before relocating to San Francisco. Dr. Hollingshead is a graduate of Stanford University, and earned his MA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets

James Hollingshead, PhD

Senior Partner, Monitor Group


53 Minutes