Employment Laws: What Supervisors Need to Know


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What is it?
Narrated by experienced labor and employment law attorney, Nancy Yaffe, JD of Fox Rothschild LLP, this spot-on video shows a series of stories that illustrate the kinds of legal questions that commonly occur in our workplaces. These stories, along with an explanation of relevant laws, will help supervisors respond appropriately when faced with issues of fairness, scheduling, employee requests for leave or accommodations, and the challenges presented by social media in the workplace.

Who is it for?
Supervisors are your front line in preventing legal violations that could bring hefty penalties if employees are not managed properly. Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers need a clear understanding of potential legal issues that impact the workplace.

What will you learn?
Supervisors and managers will get “Legal Tips” and learn why it’s important to make decisions that fit within workplace laws, including:
  • ADA and Pregnancy Discrimination Act accommodation requests
  • EEOC compliance, including discrimination and civil rights
  • Social media, freedom of speech, and employee privacy expectations
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • “Wage and Hour”
  • Includes free electronic study guide and quick reference

Employment Laws: What Supervisors Need to Know


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