Case Study: Birchwood Foods

Norcross, Georgia

A Kantola customer since 2003

Founded in 1936, family-owned Birchwood Foods provides quality beef for the foodservice and retail industries. And for the past eight years, it has supplemented its employee training program with 20 Kantola training videos.

New manager training

According to Terrence Simpson in Human Resources, training videos are used during orientation when new managers are hired and on a weekly basis thereafter. Covering topics such as supervisory skills and harassment prevention, the videos are watched individually as time permits, or taken home for "homework." After watching the training videos, supervisors and managers usually meet one-on-one with the HR Director to discuss the learning points covered and provide feedback on the training.

An effective learning tool

Viewers report that they like watching Kantola’s training videos, and since the videos are "entertaining and easy to watch," Mr. Simpson feels they are that much more effective as a learning tool—especially videos on how to handle workplace harassment.