Program Highlights

  • The technological innovation behind Bitcoin and its broader applications.
  • Crypto-currency’s potential impact on financial systems, industries—even world economies.
Bitcoin has made its presence known. After the initial hype and volatility (and now some legitimate buy-in), a number of unanswered questions remain. How will global corporations and national governments deal with the regulatory and security issues surrounding efforts to raise new currencies? Whether Bitcoin flourishes or something else takes its place, it is clear that an e-economic shift is on the horizon—and e-currency of one form or another is in our future.

Susan Athey has taught in the economics departments at Stanford, MIT and Harvard. Among numerous academic and non-academic honors, Athey was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and was named one of
Fast Company's “100 Most Creative People in Business.”

E-Economics: Demystifying Bitcoin

Susan Athey

Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business


58 Minutes