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Preparing to be a Good Deposition Witness
Serving as a witness in a deposition proceeding can be stressful and confusing, especially given the high stakes. Poor deposition testimony can be damaging to an entire case, but proper preparation and a thorough understanding of the process help pave the way to a successful and comfortable deposition experience. Littler Mendelson's Trial Practice Group is proud to offer this original video to help clients and company witnesses prepare for a productive deposition.

What makes a good deposition witness?

(And how to you become one?)
Combining an easy-to-apply learning model with a realistic and engaging deposition storyline dramatized by professional actors, Littler shareholders Rich Harris and Helene Wasserman walk viewers through the five key steps of effective deposition preparation:
  • Concentrate
  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Explain
  • Stop
Along with understanding the "who, what, and how"� of a deposition appearance, this program sets out strategies that help witnesses become fully prepared for their deposition and avoid becoming:
  • the Distracted Witness
  • the Chatty Witness
  • the "Story-Telling" Witness
  • the Non-Listening Witness
Littler attorneys cover multiple strategies to help get the best out of every deposition experience, including:
  • preparation in advance of the deposition
  • appropriate dress and demeanor
  • properly responding to questions from opposing counsel
  • understanding the attorneys' role during a deposition
  • addressing documentation used in deposition
  • and more
Course runtime is 21 minutes

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