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Cyber Security Organization Training | Kantola

Cyber Security Training

An all-staff course to help your organization stay safe online

Protect your organization

Every employee with online access needs to know about safeguarding your systems and networks. Just one click on a malicious link in an email or visit to a fake website can provide access for cybercriminals, risking tremendous financial loss and downtime, release of trade secrets or sensitive data, and damage to your organization's reputation.

Our easy-to-understand course is recommended for all employees. It covers the most common and dangerous threats anyone can come across in the virtual world. It provides best practices you can implement today to help you and your organization stay safer online.

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An easy-to-understand course that covers:

  • Managing cyber risks
  • Identifying and handling spam, ransomware and malware
  • Password best practices
  • When to use VPN, encryption, and 2-factor authentication
  • Software and hardware precautions
  • Defending against "social engineering" attacks

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