Program Highlights

  • Strategy innovation, wealth creation, and industry revolution.
  • Moving beyond incremental change to industry reconception.
  • How to build wealth instead of having your wealth destroyed.
The biggest risk today is irrelevancy. Barriers that protected incumbents in the past have broken down, and competitive positions can be quickly overturned. If you miss a trend, there may be no catching up. How do you stay out of the band of mediocrity and position your company to become an architect of industry revolution? The answer is to reinvent who you are in meaningful ways. Innovation has to be a deeply embedded capability where every person in the company has a responsibility for wealth creation. Of course, wealth will not only be created, it will also be destroyed. As companies move beyond incremental change, strategy innovation is the only way for a company to renew its lease on success. 
Dr. Gary P. Hamel is founder and Chairman of Strategos, a company dedicated to helping clients get to the future first. Hamel is currently Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London School of Business, and the Thomas S. Murphy Distinguished Research Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Business. "Competing for the Future" has been hailed by The Economist, the London Financial Times, and the Washington Post as one of the last decade's most influential books.

Creating the Future

Dr. Gary Hamel

Chairman, Strategos


55 Minutes