Creating Winning Social Media Strategies


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Program Highlights

  • How to attract customers with tools like blogs, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The benefits of social media’s two-way relationships—and the risks.
  • How to stay in command while giving up control.

A fundamental power shift is underway in relationships between organizations and customers. Traditional one-way, seller-to-buyer communication is evolving into a two-way dialog, as social media technologies give buyers a voice. With examples from Oracle, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Comcast, and Starbucks, Charlene Li shows how companies can use social media tools to encourage that dialog and have more intimate, beneficial relationships with customers.

To get started, says Ms. Li, uncover what people want from you—whether it is product information, reviews from users, customer service attention, or input into product development. As you develop your communication strategy, start small, concentrating on how to meet the needs of your audience. Identify the “realist/optimist” in your organization who can jumpstart the process. Craft metrics and communication policies that align with your business goals. And then “prepare to let go” of absolute control.

Charlene Li is publisher of The Altimeter blog and co-author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. A frequently quoted industry analyst, she has appeared on 60 Minutes, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, ABC News, CNN, and CNBC. She earned her BA from Harvard College and MBA from Harvard Business School.

Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

Charlene Li

Founder, Altimeter Group


54 Minutes



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