Learn how to handle tough supervisory challenges with this employee coaching video.

As a supervisor in a retail setting, you may be faced with a succession of new, unskilled or under-motivated employees. Learn how to reduce turnover and make the most of your current staff by adopting five powerful coaching skills that can help you deal with attitude problems, tardiness—even motivate good employees to perform better.

Learn simple but effective approaches to use when employees aren't meeting expectations:
  • Describe the problem and state expectations.
  • Get the employee to agree that there is a problem, and to commit to correcting it.
  • Develop a solution with the employee.
  • Get agreement on an action plan.
  • Follow up.

This employee coaching video will arm supervisors with the know-how to coach staff consistently and thoroughly. Although the scenarios take place in retail environments, the lessons apply to any supervisory situation.

Courage to Coach - Retail


19 Minutes



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"Customer service was excellent - quick, informative and very helpful. I will definitely order again!"Lauri Klassen

HR Manager
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Penticton, BC, Canada

"Professional production. Good acting, transitions, host context. Useful material very well paced and presented. Useful for call center coaching as well, which we will use it for."Perry Shields

Training Manager
El Segundo, CA