Compliance Collection (7 Courses)

Compliance Collection (7 courses)
  Harassment-Free Workplace Employee (18 min)
    Harassment-Free Workplace Manager (19 min)
    Bullying and Respect in the Workplace (18 min)
    Workplace Ethics (18 min)
    Employment Laws (19 min)
    Diversity Inclusion for Employees (20 min)
    Diversity Inclusion for Managers (20 min)
Comprehensive training for a productive, respectful, and legally-compliant workplace.

This collection will not only help you comply with legal requirements, but will also encourage employees to embrace their diverse workforce and celebrate the differences that make us all unique.

Learning points include:
  • How "joking around" can cross the line and become workplace harassment.
  • It's not the intent that matters, but how the behavior is perceived by the recipient (or observer).
  • What to do when someone is the target of harassment--whether you are the one being harassed, accused of harassment, or the manager who needs to step in.
  • How to identify and break through stereotypes and prejudices. 

Topics Covered:
  • EEOC compliance, FMLA basics, and ADA
  • Ethics at Work
  • Bullying and Respect
  • Race, Religion and Disability
  • Hostile Work Environment Harassment
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • AB 1825 and AB 2053 (California version)
  • And much more!  

These programs are designed to engage viewers on an emotional level while clearly demonstrating to employees that preventing workplace harassment leads to a more productive, pleasant work environment for everyone.
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Compliance Collection (7 Courses)


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