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Communication is an essential component to the success of your workplace. Conflicts, misunderstandings, and criticism can all affect the way your employees interact with each other.

Whether you want your employees to learn how to listen to each other better or just get past their differences so they can get their jobs done, Kantola offers a number of communication skills videos designed to help you and your employees communicate more effectively. Use these communication training courses to improve teamwork and smooth over those "people problems" that can otherwise add stress and interfere with your team members' ability to do their best work.

Conflicts in the Workplace

While acknowledging common sources of conflict, this entertaining video provides eight specific and reliable skills that help you put aside your differences, control your emotions, and move forward.

(17 Minutes)

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Management & Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers could use help or a refresher on understanding their people and knowing the right way to approach those tough challenges that seem to come up on a daily basis in the workplace.

(17 Minutes)

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Listening Under Pressure

It's easy to get sidetracked by coworkers, cell phones, other customers, and a hundred other things. Good listening skills are essential for meeting customer needs—and ensuring a positive experience with your organization.

(14 Minutes)

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How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches

The ability to engage, persuade and lead other people through public speaking is a powerful skill. And the good news: Anyone can give great speeches.

(35 Minutes)

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Social Media at Work

Social media is everywhere — including our workplaces. While it can serve useful business purposes, it can also open the door to hackers, circulate rumors and abusive comments, create public relations nightmares, and be a real drag on productivity.

(14 Minutes)

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Professional Email Etiquette

No matter how long you’ve been using email, you’ll learn some very important guidelines in this video—guidelines that will protect you from catastrophes and ensure your messages are professional, every time.

(26 Minutes)

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When the Phone Rings

When the phone rings, your employees have only a few seconds to set a tone. Make sure your telephone customer service employees are ready for business.

(20 Minutes)

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