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Classroom Streaming

Instant, On-Demand Access for Trainers
Get instant, any-device access to the entire Kantola training library or any specific course. Trainers sign into a personalized training portal where they can view their courses, and access additional training materials. Use in place of (or to enhance) an in-person training session with a DVD or PowerPoint.

A.Y.C.T. (All You Can Train)

“Train ‘em again, Sam.”
Classroom Streaming accounts have no playback limits or caps. During your license term, you can show the course to as many people as you like, as many times as you need. (For in-person training sessions only – not for use in a webinar-type setting. For individualized logins, reporting and completion tracking, take a look at Kantola’s learning management system.)

Seeing is believing

It all starts with award-winning video
Kantola has been creating award-winning video-based training for over thirty years because it is the most effective (and most cost-effective) way to bring training to any size population, and to actually change behavior. We combine cutting-edge, real-world technology with our deep experience with creating high-quality video to make training topics come to life. Working with top Hollywood-based talent, we bring together great actors and experienced production crews to real workplaces to create training videos that entertain as much as they educate.
Your organization can use great video-based training to:
  • Make training more effective
  • Improve retention through real-world illustration
  • Lower the cost of employee training
  • Deliver consistent training experiences and materials
  • Scale to any size population

Materials Included

What’s in the box (OK, it’s not really a box)
Classroom Streaming courses come with a number of helpful tools for trainers. Besides the video course itself, this includes:
  • Digital Study Guides
  • Access to assign any version for the same low price per learner (Employee or Supervisor and state-specific versions)
  • And much more!

We Speak Your language

Access for everyone
In addition to the materials listed above, all Kantola courses online are available not only in English, but in Spanish, or with English captions, all included at no additional cost.

“Will it work on my device?”

Plays well with others

The long answer: It’s a complicated world out there, technologically speaking – operating systems, browsers, devices, languages, protocols, versions, updates. That’s why we worry about it so you don’t have to. Our software and web platform are compatible with just about every device out there, from desktops to smartphones and everything in between.
The short answer: Yes

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