Change Management and Strategic Planning


Program Highlights

  • How to counter the confusion, delay, resistance and inefficiency that typically thwart progress.
  • The iterative process of getting everyone to hop on the same change train (even if at different times).
  • The importance of addressing the "What's in it for me?" question

Strategic planning is the process of creating a wave of change while gaining commitment from your employees and other stakeholders necessary to make it happen. Yet, change inevitably engenders resistance. Even the best strategic plans can fail if this resistance is not met and overcome. Dr. Katz explains six principles for effective implementation: leadership, a clear vision or goal, a comprehensive perspective, a process for adverse opinions, persistence, and flexibility. She then provides examples of each of these components, and discusses current efforts within Stanford University that provide a model for successful change.

Roberta Katz has served as senior vice president and general counsel of Netscape Communications Corp. She earned a PhD from Columbia University and is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law. Dr. Katz is the author of "Justice Matters: Rescuing the Legal System for the 21st Century."

Change Management and Strategic Planning

Roberta Katz

Associate Vice President of Strategic Planning, Stanford University


47 Minutes



"I teach graduate social work classes in the supervision and planning areas. I find the Stanford videos excellent for the students to receive a broad perspective."Judy Dierkhising PhD

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