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Delight and Truth: Customizing Content for Yale University

The command comes down from on high: “We need online harassment training!” You research offerings from various training vendors but nothing quite fits. You need a course that matches your organization’s exacting standards and specific policies. So where do you turn?

Yale had been using a Connecticut-centric sexual harassment course for their faculty, but it was not satisfying their needs. They needed sexual harassment training that was newer, up-to-date, had a higher level of quality and engagement, and most importantly, fit their specific policies. To make things more complicated, they required a Single Sign On (SSO) solution that allowed their learners to seamlessly move from Yale’s faculty portal to the sexual harassment course hosted on their solution provider’s LMS.  
After deep research, Yale settled on Kantola as their preferred training provider, based on our award-winning production values and on-target learning points. What’s more, after we had the opportunity to learn more about Yale’s exact needs, Kantola’s creative and production teams were able to modify and expand on existing course content to make it a fit Yale’s goals, incorporating policy statements required by the Yale faculty.  

To get started, a series of calls, emails, and exchanged documents with Yale allowed us to map out the course to Yale’s exact specifications. Internally, Yale went through Kantola’s course and provided a list of modifications they wanted to see. Kantola’s team collaborated to create the final creative brief, tailored to yield a course that flowed smoothly while simultaneously addressing Yale’s specific requirements and unique content. Once the final outline was agreed upon, Kantola’s production team kicked into high gear and rapidly delivered  a treatment and screenplay over which Yale had final approval. 

The end product? A custom course that both solved Yale’s sexual harassment training challenge, as well as one that was delivered through a seamless production process that allowed Yale’s administration to report “problem solved!” And, importantly, feedback from the ultimate customer, Yale’s faculty, has been extremely positive.

For over 30 years, Kantola has been governed by one rule: serve the needs of our customers.  Need a robust Learning Management System (LMS) at no cost?  Done!  Need courses that run seamlessly on your LMS?  No problem!  Need an experienced hand on your shoulder while you implementing courses in your internal system?  We’re here for you!  Need a course developed that solves a challenge specific to your organization? (We think you can probably guess that answer.)

While the vast majority of our clients are thrilled to use our training products “out of the box,” we recognize that sometimes the standard fare just won’t work.  Clients with special needs find that we are a responsive organization that rapidly helps them solve their unique challenges — and you can rest assured that we can get the job done for your organization, too.


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