California Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know


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Wage & Hour Laws: What You Need to Know - California Version (45 min)
Also Available:
  Federal Version (32 min)
California’s Wage & Hour requirements are typically stricter than Federal rules; they also are more complicated, since they address a number of issues not covered by Federal law.

This program will make your supervisors a better, more legally-compliant manager. This program is packed with information, so we’ve broken the content into 14 modules:
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
  • California Overtime
  • Employee vs Independent Contractor
  • Comp Time
  • California Meal & Rest Breaks
  • Sick Pay in California
  • Hours Worked
  • Make-up Time
  • Employee vs Agency Worker
  • Travel Pay
  • California Final Paychecks
  • California Reporting Time
  • California Split-Shifts
  • Timekeeping & Recordkeeping

This program is longer than the Federal version; the 14 modules total 45 minutes. Once again, learners have the opportunity to train on just the sections that are appropriate for their scope of responsibilities.

California Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know


45 Minutes

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