California Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know


Wage & Hour Laws: What You Need to Know - California Version (45 min)
Also Available:
  Federal Version (32 min)
California’s Wage & Hour requirements are typically stricter than Federal rules; they also are more complicated, since they address a number of issues not covered by Federal law.

This program will make your supervisors a better, more legally-compliant manager. This program is packed with information, so we’ve broken the content into 14 modules:
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
  • California Overtime
  • Employee vs Independent Contractor
  • Comp Time
  • California Meal & Rest Breaks
  • Sick Pay in California
  • Hours Worked
  • Make-up Time
  • Employee vs Agency Worker
  • Travel Pay
  • California Final Paychecks
  • California Reporting Time
  • California Split-Shifts
  • Timekeeping & Recordkeeping

This program is longer than the Federal version; the 14 modules total 45 minutes. Once again, learners have the opportunity to train on just the sections that are appropriate for their scope of responsibilities.

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California Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know


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