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Bystander Intervention Training

An interactive online course with relatable scenarios and real-life stories

Empower all employees to prevent harassment

Anyone can be an active bystander

Anyone who witnesses a harmful or potentially harmful situation is a bystander. With the right training, all employees can become active bystanders—helping to build a respectful and harassment-free work environment.

A complement to our award-winning Harassment Prevention training, employees taking this course will learn how to become active bystanders—people who step in to reduce the chances of someone being harmed. They will watch relatable scenes, hear real-life workplace stories through candid interviews, and receive guidance on different techniques for intervening. And their learning will be reinforced through interactive exercises that enable them to better understand their options for responding to sensitive situations.

Our bystander intervention training is available in a 1-hour version (which meets Chicago’s training requirement) and in a shorter, 30-minute version as well.

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An engaging all-staff course that includes:

  • Key legal definitions and concepts
  • Steps to becoming an active bystander
  • Techniques for intervening
  • Realistic and relatable scenarios
  • Real-life stories told through candid interviews
  • Meaningful interactions
  • Actionable guidance

The Bystander Intervention training is a complement to our award-winning Harassment Prevention course family. Learn more.


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