Business Skills Training

Business skills training shouldn't be a luxury. Faced with stiff competition in an uncertain economy, today's businesses need affordable training options now more than ever.

Your employees are always being asked to do their job better, cheaper and faster. Kantola's business training videos are a cost-effective solution for developing the skills your employees need to be successful in this challenging business climate.

The Well-Managed Meeting

Use this best-selling video to learn how to run a meeting well, and set a company-wide standard for meetings that reach their goals—and end on time.

(22 Minutes)

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Professional Email Etiquette

No matter how long you’ve been using email, you’ll learn some very important guidelines in this video—guidelines that will protect you from catastrophes and ensure your messages are professional, every time.

(26 Minutes)

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Leadership Development DVD
Best Seller!

Leadership at Every Level

This leadership video begins by demonstrating four successful management styles: direction, influence, collaboration, and delegation. Learn how your setting and your subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation.

(24 Minutes)

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How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches

The ability to engage, persuade and lead other people through public speaking is a powerful skill. And the good news is: anyone can give great speeches!

(35 Minutes)

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Time Management (for Managers)

Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. Learn practical tools for getting a handle on your workday and your employees. After all, as a manager, you don't only get paid for what you do—you get paid for what your people do.

(26 Minutes)

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