Building a Feedback-Positive Organization


Program Highlights

  • How regular, specific and face-to-face feedback can transform your organization.
  • The three building blocks of the feedback-positive organization.
  • How to redefine mistakes as learning opportunities, and find the courage to grow.

As a leader, you hire for potential. Therefore, one of your core jobs is as a developer of people. A readiness to offer timely and honest feedback makes all the difference to your employees. Rather than being taken as a negative, such input shows concern for the development of each individual. This works for the management team, as well. While at times the focus needs to be on the gap between what is expected and what you are doing wrong, the best feedback focuses on the gap between what you are doing well and what you can be doing even better. David Bradford examines what it takes to have a "feedback-rich" organization, while Scott Brady provides a first-person, real-world perspective on how feedback propelled his own organization through tremendous growth.

David Bradford is co-author of several books, including "Power Up: Transforming Organizations Through Shared Responsibility Leadership" and "Managing for Excellence."

Scott Brady holds an MS in Management as a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Business School. Prior to co-founding FiberTower, he was a founding executive and CTO for Clarus Corporation, and focused on strategic planning and technology development initiatives at Anderson Consulting (Accenture).

Building a Feedback-Positive Organization

David Bradford,Scott Brady

Senior Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business,CEO, FiberTower


53 Minutes