Drive Business Performance

Featuring Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts



Program Highlights

  • How performance management can deliver competitive advantage.
  • How to diagnose your organization’s performance management capabilities and improve results.
To achieve a culture of performance that drives growth, organizations need to build accountability, intelligence, and informed decision-making into their organizational DNA. They arm employees with relevant business data to focus their actions and speed strategic decisions.
With examples from Fortune 500 companies, Aziza and Fitts provide a six-stage approach for developing a culture of performance, including increasing visibility into operations, moving away from a gut feel to more data-driven decision-making, and articulating and incenting future success. At each stage, organizations must also exercise three critical capabilities:  monitoring operations, analyzing data against best practices, and planning for success.
Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts work on Microsoft’s global business intelligence strategy and are co-authors of "Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution."
Mr. Aziza has led marketing, sales, and operations management teams at various technology firms. He holds an MA degree in business and economics.
Mr. Fitts has lectured in Harvard's executive education programs and served on the boards of advisors for InterVivos and the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Drive Business Performance

Bruno Aziza,Joey Fitts

Microsoft Business Intelligence,Microsoft Business Intelligence


55 Minutes



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