Bill Gates in Conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy


Program Highlights

  • Prototypes of new devices that will change how we learn.
  • The web services dream and the future of e-commerce.
  • The need for research—what we've learned, what's to come.

In this lively and informative presentation, Bill Gates gives you his perspective on where technology is headed. Expanding on his belief that we're "really just at the beginning," he shares his goals for the current decade—advances in networking and application interactivity; increases in reliability and ease of use; and improvements in productivity, as information sharing becomes more and more efficient.

During a candid question and answer session fielded by Stanford President John Hennessy, Gates responds to issues ranging from privacy to security concerns; and from intellectual property protection to current limitations on broadband access.

Bill Gates is Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, the world's leading provider of software for personal computers. He began programming at age 13, and by 1974, while an undergraduate at Harvard, he had developed a version of BASIC for the first microcomputer. He formed Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. Today, Microsoft employs more than 40,000 people in 60 countries.

Bill Gates in Conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy

Bill Gates

Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation


57 Minutes



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