Be Prepared to Lead


be prepared to lead
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Leadership at Every Level.

Strengthen your leadership skills as a manager or supervisor.

" value in the leadership category. Focuses on issues none of the others touch." — View Magazine

Different management situations demand different styles of leadership in order to get the job done. And different types of employees respond better to different methods of direction.

This leadership video defines four distinct management approaches, and helps you see which style you tend instinctively to fall back on when the going gets tough. It then describes which employees respond best to the different methods, and explains how you can modify your own natural approach, using the other techniques as needed to achieve better outcomes.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize your leadership potential.
  • Build leadership traits.
  • Earn the trust of your team.
  • Build vision and communication skills.
  • Recognize leadership errors.
  • Develop your own personal leadership style.


Be Prepared to Lead


27 Minutes



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"I have previously purchased your video on "Be Prepared to Lead" and was very impressed so we are going to try several other videos relating to people skills and resolving conflicts."Julie Horton

HR Manager
BRG Precision Products

"Excellent video. Actually this can be presented in two segments: styles and adaption. There's a lot of material in htis 25-minute video."Karl Keller

HR Manager - Plastics
US Can
Morrow, GA