Avoiding Common Discipline Mistakes


employee defamation
treating employees fairly
conducting disciplinary meetings

Use this employee discipline video to identify and avoid the legal pitfalls that make disciplinary actions risky.

Handling disciplinary problems is one of the toughest tasks any manager faces. This powerful employee discipline video helps managers take proper disciplinary action that is appropriate as well as effective.

Best-selling author Dick Grote leads the discussion by showing you how to conduct disciplinary conversations that lead to genuine commitment and change.

You'll see four different scenarios showing common mistakes that could result in charges of discrimination, defamation of character, wrongful discharge, or constructive discharge.

You'll then learn the five questions to ask yourself before beginning any disciplinary action. These questions help put personal opinion aside, and ensure that all employees are treated the same. This consistency will protect you, and your company, against legal actions.

You'll also learn a three-step approach that can help avoid the "I vs. You" confrontation, and focus energies on the inappropriate behavior. The employee discipline video ends with eight specific pointers that keep disciplinary discussions on track.

Guarantee: Viewers will learn to protect themselves and their companies from legal challenges triggered by disciplinary actions.

Avoiding Common Discipline Mistakes


26 Minutes





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"Over the past 15 years, I have purchased five videos from Kantola to use in my management development programs. I have yet to find better videos in terms of quality, practicality, and cost-effectiveness than those from Kantola. They are real professionals!"Paul Maloney

Paul Maloney & Associates
Fairfield, CT

"Thank you for a great video! The scenarios were most helpful in demonstrating points made by the speaker. Our 35 school cafeteria managers could relate to the problems posed and found the presentation very helpful."Christine Krueger

Human Resource Facilitator
South Bend Community School Corporation
South Bend, IN