Announcing Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands

Quid Pro Quo means ‘this for that’ — and it’s the worst kind of harassment.

Mill Valley, CA — In response to the current deluge of harassment scandals Kantola Training Solutions announces a new workplace training course: Quid Pro Quo: When People with Power Make Demands.

Quid Pro Quo means ‘this for that’ — and it’s the worst kind of harassment. It’s when an employee’s job or future depends on acquiescing to demands for sex.

"We created this course for all the organizations struggling with quid pro quo issues, as well as those that want to stay ahead of these issues and out of the news,” said Kantola’s CEO, Allen Noren. “I’d like to think this course would have made a difference in preventing the problems at Fox News, NPR, The Weinstein Company and elsewhere.”

As 2017 wraps up, reports of Quid Pro Quo harassment have skyrocketed, and organizations are struggling to deal with the damages. From tarnished reputations and lawsuits to the loss of good employees and difficulty in replacing them, the costs are staggering. A clear commitment from leadership to provide a harassment-free workplace is an important first step. Ongoing training can make this promise a reality.

Viewers of this course will learn five important points:

  • What quid pro quo harassment is.
  • That the law is on the side of victims.
  • That HR and management are there to help them.
  • That they should be ready to help coworkers who are being harassed.
  • That if they are ever accused of harassment, they must never retaliate.
For a free preview of this course, click here.

About Kantola Training Solutions

Founded in 1985, Kantola Training Solutions is possibly America’s largest provider of workplace harassment training. Formats include DVD, online delivery and eLearning, and study guides, instructors manuals and posters are also available. Kantola produces video-based training for 89% of the Fortune 500. Allen Noren is available for interviews on training modalities and on trends in workplace harassment training. He can be reached at 415.381.9363.

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