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Steve Kantola disrupted the workplace training market in 1985 with engaging video-based training at prices that any business could afford. Today, Kantola continues to release award-winning courses that encourage real learning through modeling good behavior and demonstrating positive examples that tell the truth about what harassment looks like in the real world.

Produced in Hollywood and true to life, Kantola Training tells stories that engage and entertain viewers while simultaneously reinforcing the values of diversity, emotional intelligence, leadership — skills we can all use to make our workplaces more respectful, productive, and fun for everyone.

Winner of multiple Telly and Golden Eagle Awards for exceptional media content, Kantola Productions’ library of compliance and soft-skills training videos, interactive e-learning, and supplementary tools are used by businesses, non-profits, and government agencies of all sizes around the world.

The Kantola Promise: Why Choose Kantola?

We care!

This stuff matters to us. We do this because we believe deeply about making the workplace better for everyone, and helping people acquire the skills that can transform how they work, communicate, and succeed.

New and relevant content.

Issues like gender identity, harassment via social media, and generational expectations are changing all the time, becoming more nuanced and more complex. Kantola releases new products each year that address these issues as they develop in our culture.


From acting to writing to the lighting, Kantola is dedicated to making sure that each of our products meets or exceeds quality standards that our customers expect - and that our competitors can't match.


We offer concierge-level service including full length previews, detailed walk-throughs of our online system, and dedicated support for our products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are here to talk to you when you have questions or need assistance.


For over 30 years Kantola has provided training to clients every size and industry, including 89 out of the Fortune 100, international nonprofit organizations, as well as government entities across all 50 states.

It's easy!

Whether it's finding the right course, making sure your learners get the skills and training they need, or anything else that comes up in the process of building the skills of your people, Kantola will be there every step of the way to help you make sure your training is a success!



"All your videos have been very helpful for my training purposes. They are entertaining and yet educational. Excellent quality. I especially appreciate the vignettes of scenes in the workplace. Makes it more meaningful to the trainees." John Kosack

HR & Safety Administrator

George Petersen Insurance


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