Case Study: Resources for Human Development

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Kantola customer since 2002

Resources for Human Development, established in 1970, is a nonprofit social services organization active in 14 states from California to Connecticut that provides assistance for homeless individuals and families, as well as people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, or addictions.

A busy schedule

The HR Department has a lot on its plate. With close to 200 programs across the country, the staff conducts both local and out of state trainings. "We do annual trainings as well as trainings for new hires. Also, whenever there is a new program or new Program Director at a unit, we'll do training from program to program depending on the need," says Laura Cover, HR Coordinator. "We cover a lot of subjects, but preventive sexual harassment training is a primary focus."

Classroom setting spurs discussion

"A classroom setting, with a video and an instructor, is what works best for us,” she notes. A simple signup sheet and printed certificate ensure good recordkeeping. Classes vary in size from 15 to 25, and each location keeps a copy of its DVD training onsite. "There's lots of pausing and discussion in between," says Laura. "We take those opportunities to discuss the scenarios in the DVDs, to see if the participants can use what they have learned in the workshop to try and work out possible resolutions to the situations presented.” In the end, she says, there's a benefit to having a real classroom full of people. "There's just no substitute for a real person!”

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