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  Provide a designated person to answer within two days all learner questions in response to required sexual harassment training.

  Provide a designated person, such as an HR manager, to whom supervisors should report any complaints they receive, and to direct the employer's response.

  Make sure organizational policies are up to date with new California regulations.

  Provide information to employees via the state-required poster, brochure, or brochure-equivalent.

  Distribute policies in languages spoken by 10% or more of your workforce, such as Spanish.

  Track and document training completions, plus any written questions received from trainees along with any written responses, and retain these records for a minimum of two years.

Compliance Training Resources

In California, to meet the requirements for AB 1825, AB 2053 and SB 292, training is mandatory for supervisory personnel in companies with 50 or more employees. This training must last a minimum of two hours.

It is also recommended as a "best practice" to train all non-supervisory employees as well. Use: Kantola's employee versions of these popular training programs.
This overview is for educational purposes only and not intended to provide legal advice.

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