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Steps for Safe Lifting and Carrying


safe lifting techniques
safe carrying
lifting safety training

Steps for Safe Lifting and Carrying

This training video has been replaced by: Proper Lifting Techniques.

Commonsense rules for safe lifting and carrying.

Improper lifting is responsible for a large portion of on-the-job injury reports. Learning safe lifting techniques requires more training than the basic "bend your knees when you lift heavy objects" that so many of us rely on for lifting and carrying. This safety training video uses easy to understand points to emphasize safer lifting and carrying practices.  

Workers who watch this safe lifting video will learn:  

  • Basic safe lifting techniques.
  • Facts and fiction of back injuries.
  • Sizing up a load before lifting.
  • How to avoid lifting injuries.
  • Rules for safe carrying of objects.
  • Importance of exercise for maintaining back fitness.

Trainers like this safety training video because it has solid content, with an onscreen question and answer segment, reinforcing the safe lifting practices taught in the video. Use this program to ensure everyone in your organization learns the safe lifting skills and safe carrying techniques necessary to avoid the injuries that can result from improper lifting.

Guarantee: Employees who correctly apply the safe lifting and safe carrying techniques taught in this safety training video will reduce their risk of back strain and injury.

Steps for Safe Lifting and Carrying
Duration:    7  Minutes 

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