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Proper Lifting Techniques Keeping Your Workplace Safe (15 Minutes)


basic lifting techniques1
how to lift properly
avoiding lifting injuries

Proper Lifting Techniques

You can’t rely on instinct when it comes to lifting properly. If you don’t stop and think before you grab that heavy crate or unwieldy piece of plywood, you can get seriously hurt.
In fact, 8 out of 10 of us will end up suffering some kind of back injury in our lifetimes. But much of this can be prevented with the use of specific lifting techniques that maintain proper alignment and support the back throughout the lifting process.
Safe lifting procedures include:
  • Basic guidelines for every lift
  • Specialized and industrial loads
  • How to lift awkward or oversized objects
  • Team lifting situations

Proper Lifting Techniques
Duration:    15  Minutes 

Health & Safety

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