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The Exceptional Leader: Action Steps for Leadership Formation
- Jack Zenger, PhD



The Exceptional Leader

Program Highlights

  • How to establish a leadership development plan that actually works.
  • Why being allowed to make mistakes is critical to becoming a great leader.
  • The differentiating attributes of extraordinary leaders: walking the talk, communicating powerfully, thinking strategically and connecting with the outside world.

Empirical data shows a distinct correlation between quality of leadership and business performance. Effective leaders are therefore critical to the success of any enterprise. Yet 70% of Fortune 100 executives recently admitted their companies had insufficient bench strength to carry them into the next decade. How can leaders be found to fill this gap? While formal leadership development programs have often failed to achieve measurable results, Jack Zenger believes that average managers can develop the specific traits shared by exceptional leaders—traits that improve retention, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and bottom-line profitability. Based on the best practices of leading organizations, Zenger defines these characteristics, and offers ten specific recommendations proven to enhance leadership development.

Jack Zenger has authored or co-authored six books including "Results-Based Leadership" and "Handbook for Leadership." He received an MBA from UCLA and a PhD from the University of Southern California. Zenger has taught at USC and served as an adjunct faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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The Exceptional Leader
Duration:    52  Minutes 

Executive Leadership

Jack Zenger, PhD
Jack Zenger, PhD
Cofounder and CEO, Zenger Folkman
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