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Conflicts in the Workplace : Sources & Solutions (17 Minutes)


resolving workplace conflicts
managing workplace conflict
workplace conflict

Conflicts in the Workplace

Use this conflict management video to reduce workplace conflict and help employees learn conflict resolution skills that improve collaboration, compromise and creativity.

Constructive disagreement can add value, as employees compromise and reach better decisions based on input from others.

But conflict becomes destructive when anger, jealousy, and other strong emotions turn the focus away from problem solving and toward personal attacks. Destructive conflict can ruin relationships among workers, interfere with productivity, destroy teamwork, and contribute to employee absenteeism and turnover.

While acknowledging common sources of conflict, this entertaining conflict management DVD or online video provides eight specific, reliable solutions: skills that help you put aside your differences, control your emotions, and move forward.

Conflict management training skills:
   Responding with empathy
   Active listening
   Setting a limit
   Finding something to agree with
   Using “I” language instead of “You” language
   Disengaging to cool off
   Appealing to mutual self-interest
   Attacking the problem, not the person

It is true that there are many things you CAN’T control when you are dealing with your coworkers or colleagues. But there are skills you can learn to keep disagreements constructive and resolve conflicts in a positive way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that resolving conflict is not about one person proving the other person wrong. Resolving conflict is about working WITH the other person to solve the problem and maintain the relationship.

Bottom line: there will always be conflict. The secret is learning to manage it successfully. Doing so empowers you to take control of your life—and career.

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Study Guide:
This 50-page booklet is designed to  be used with the video and provides the opportunity to take a pre-test & post-test to evaluate knowledge of conflict resolution, understand common sources of workplace conflicts, grasp negative consequences, learn easy-to-use techniques, and much more!

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Conflicts in the Workplace
Duration:    17  Minutes 

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